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Happy Halloween! Greenwich Village Parade with profound social media theme, read on…

Bom Dia! :-) Happy Halloween!                                                  "Odilion Redon's iconic Floating Eye Balloon"

I was surprised to read this years Halloween Parade theme is actually a metaphor for social media? I’m interested to see what everyone thinks. The last time I thought of eye’s at a Halloween party was when I was 10 and were told to close our eyes as we passed around bowls of mysterious items while we listened to creepy stories…The peeled grapes (eyes) freaked me out, try it on a friend, pretty funny stuff. 

Social media, I say it can take up all our time or it can link us to cause and ideas around the world. All in all I think it is good:-) and, at the end of the day it is a necessary evil (I typed into my tunblr blog which I also will post to facebook;) …

 "Odilion Redon’s iconic Floating Eye Balloon.

What is it about the Disembodied Eye that is at once so disturbing and yet so strangely familiar? … 

"As the technology of Facebook and Flickr offers us the possibility of seeing everything, we risk seeing nothing but ourselves, eyes wide shut, in a collective feast of Narcissism."

Be apart of the action, send your eye in a video, see details below

see re-posted article below or click the link below to go to the original site, thanks!



The i of the Beholder

We’ve been taking a look at Odilion Redon’s iconic Floating Eye Balloon.

What is it about the Disembodied Eye that is at once so disturbing and yet so strangely familiar? Tradition associates the all-seeing eye with inescapable power and authority – coldly remote, yet as near to us as the back of a dollar bill. From the Masonic Eye-in-the-Pyramid, to the Thousand-eyed Avalokateswara (whose eyes emanate from his palms), to the Glowing Eye of HAL 9000, the disembodied eye evokes the ancient awe of omniscience and the modern anxiety of surveillance.

But all this has suddenly started to change. Lewis Hyde recounts a tale in which Coyote the Trickster learns to throw his eyeballs high into a tree to sight distant prey on the horizon. We, too, are learning Coyote’s trick of remote viewing, sending our eyes out into the world and pixel-by-pixel crafting a parallax view of ourselves. Where we once hid from Big Brother’s ubiquitous gaze, now – with every Youtube upload, with every Facebook post, and every Google (Go ogle!) search, we revel in our own reflections, no matter how mundane. The anonymous eye of authority now lies in the palm of our hand.

“They” have become “We”, and we have become eyes. Like the eye-covered body of Argus in Greek myth, we have become a matrix of ever-wakeful omnivorous observers.

But in the end, Coyote’s eyes get stuck in the tree. Having lost vision of his own, he stumbles on with borrowed eyes. As the technology of Facebook and Flickr offers us the possibility of seeing everything, we risk seeing nothing but ourselves, eyes wide shut, in a collective feast of Narcissism. Argus, for all his vigilance, is slain by Hermes (God of Communication), and for his sacrifice, is turned into a peacock.

This year the Village Halloween Parade stares back at the disembodied eye, as we celebrate I of the Beholder. Parade artists Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles of Superior Concept Monsters will lead a cloud of floating eyes up Sixth Avenue, inviting everyone to join, both physically and virtually.

We are calling for video images of your eyes (one eye, actually, close up) to be projected onto our Great Eyeball high in the Parade sky, in a succession of images at once intimate and anonymous. Send your entry to We will post them on YouTube so everyone can see each others!

Send your video to US.

After years of being electronically ogled, captured, and youtubed en route, we are returning your gaze, with a thousand borrowed eyes, and with a lot of help at our annual puppet workshops in October.

Come and lend a hand or an eye at Volunteer.

Here’s looking at you, kids…

Buy a 2011 Theme Tee!

—Jeanne Fleming, Artistic and Producing Director, Village Halloween Parade
—Alex Kahn & Sophia Michahelles, Master Puppeteers

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The Nashville Examiner article, "Light Of The Moon" Lunar Event

Kristin Porter is offering a marvelous night for a moondance.  Wednesday, June 15 she’ll be singing Brazilian music with a live salsa band (Kaziques) at Fanny’s House of Music located at Five Points, East Nashville.  The free event will go from 6-9 PM at 1101 Holly Street where the band will play from the porch of the music store.  Songwriters Leslie Black and Catherine Holder will join Porter for a night of tunes under the stars.

Porter has impressed critics with her debut release, By The Light Of The Moon.  Jazz Inside Magazine praised:

“Kristin Porter’s album is highly recommended for those who seek music with soft aesthetics and a sleek brushing. Her use of soul, swing, bossa nova, reggae, and blues is tailored to her register while giving these musical traits even more depth. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, Kristin Porter has the makings of someone who is special to the future of modern jazz and soul.”

Likewise Cashbox Magazine, who named “Teach Me Tonight” as their top pick, recognized the vocalist/songwriter as the total package: 

“With a voice echoing the all time legends of the genre, Kristin Porter may be the best singer I’ve heard in a long time. She has the ability to help the listener not only drop their cares at the door, but also keep them dancing while they do so…What the world needs now is hope. Music has a way of giving hope…If only the world could all spend an hour with Kristin Porter’s “By The Light Of The Moon,” I could imagine we’d all be a lot better off.” (continued below)

On and off stage, Kristin exudes hope.  We talked at Fido last Saturday about her concert Wednesday.  We’d both seen Rumba at the CMA Fest and were looking for a place to cool off for the interview.   When I left, I felt refreshed not only from the cool air inside but more so from Kristin’s aura of optimism.  I asked the Belmont University music major about her career path as an artist.  She began with, “I lost my apartment in the flood last year,” then balked, “Sorry, let’s talk about the positive.”  But I urged her to go on.

“Well, losing everything, I decided to cling to my guitar.”  She decided to turn trauma into travel, temporary homelessness into hitting the East, West, and Southern Coasts.   Like many Music City mavens, she has worked as a nanny, a bartender, and a yoga instructor to support her artistic habit.  But when flooded with loss, she chose to focus fully on the Sweetest Thing: her music. 

As a result, she will be touring this July and August.  This fall she’ll continue studying Portuguese in Brazil.  But this summer, while living again south of Nashville, she’s dedicated to bringing South America home.

Continue reading on Light of the Moon Lunar Event This Wednesday - Nashville Latin dancing |

Continue reading on Light of the Moon Lunar Event This Wednesday - Nashville Latin dancing |

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"What a wonderful world" …of love.

…it is a wonderful world. As I prepare to leave for Brazil Camp in California this coming sunday (best week of my life last year BTW) I am thankful for those that inspire, encourage and support my music. I’m thankful for the people that I have in my life that truly understand me…you know who you are:-) 

As a musician I am surrounded by love, not always “real love” …just the idea of love. Some harbor a past love, they pine and in a world that is so fickle. I actually admire this, Some love the idea of perfect man (these are the dreamers) and I admire this as well;) 

Love is pretty important, 50% of songs are written about love, and the other half is about life. In my mind all songs are about love, because to me…there is no life with out love!

I admire those that are lucky enough to have true love, and want to punch in the face those I see (and hear) that take advantage or neglect the love they are blessed with (you know who you are;) …so be careful, I have a mean left hook no one knows about;)

I LOVE YOU ALL, stay on ur “love”ly toes! lol